Young Farmers of Virginia

Interested in Virginia agriculture?

About YFV

1. Who are the YFV?

• Organization for persons interested or engaged in agriculture or agriculture related occupations (many members/advisors are former FFA or 4-H members)
• Local, state and national affiliation
• Sponsored by the Agriculture Education Service and supported by local school divisions
• Provides instructional, social, and recreational activities
• Monthly meetings, educational tours/programs, provide support to ag program and members rewarded for achievements

2. Why have an adult program?

• Provides a service to the community
• Promotes good public relations
• Provides agriculture program with help–scholarships, judges for CDEs, chaperones for field trips, guest speakers, training stations for CDEs, members of agriculture advisory board, and the list goes on…….
• Provides adults with opportunities to travel to the National Young Farmer Educational Association’s Institute held annually in different parts of the U.S.A. (2004-Orlando,FL 2005-Denver, CO, 2006-Columbus, OH)

3. How to get started?

• Determine the need
• Contact administrators
• Invite interested individuals, including high school seniors/alumni
• Affiliate with the state by listing/paying state dues( $ 5.00/person) for at least 10 members; local dues??? National dues are $15/person. Membership Roster/Dues Form
• Elect officers and set up meeting times
• Develop an annual program of activities (monthly events)

4. Member/Association Contests and Awards:

• Spokesperson for Agriculture – Ag. Stewardship
• Outstanding Agribusinessperson – Diversification
• Corn Growing – Farm Business Mgmt
• Corn Silage – Stewardship Contest
• Tobacco -Farm & Home Safety
• Soybean – Membership Development
• Outstanding Young Farmer – Attendance (at convention)
• Outstanding Advisor -Outstanding YF Assn.

How to Join and Why should I become involved???
Click here to download the Membership Roster/Dues Form

Type in your information, save file, then e-mail it to:
Lexie Holloway

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