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To deliver programs in agricultural education for out-of-school adults in order to assist them to become established, or to progress in farming or other related agriculture occupations.  Young Farmer members receive many benefits from their membership in local, area, state and national organizations. Not only are educational programs offered, but also social/recreational activities as well as opportunities for community service.

April 2015
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2015 NYFEA Ag Promise – Washington DC

Posted By on March 4, 2015

Vice President Ashley Craun and I had the pleasure of attending NYFEA’s Ag Promise in Washington, DC March 1-3.  This is the first time Virginia has had anyone attend the program except for maybe the Delegate meeting on Sunday.  Ag Promise is a program with workshops, round table discussions on issues the agricultural industry faces, and a day on Capitol Hill addressing our Congressional Leaders.  Those in attendance represented Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Alabama, Missouri, Mississippi, Colorado, Indian, Oklahoma, and Virginia.

The first day (Sunday) was an afternoon Delegate meeting and then talk about various NYFEA activities including the Ag Communication Award and recruiting participants, Social media, new contests and recognition, and engaging State Leaders.  Dinner out in the evening provided an opportunity to make connections and network with other members across the US.

Day two consisted of a morning session with guest speakers from all aspects of the Ag industry.  Speakers included Sherene Donaldson, National FFA Executive Secretary; Janet Adkinson, RFDTV; Karis Gutter, Deputy Undersecretary of Farm and Foreign Policy for the USDA; Bob Young, Chief Economist with American Farm Bureau; and Matt Mika, Director of Governmental Relations with Tyson.  All of the speakers offered their thoughts on the current Ag industry and issues that they see in the future for agriculture.  At the beginning of the morning session we were all asked to write down two issues that are important to us or that we see as challenges on an index card.  In the afternoon session we broke up into groups, the index cards were handed out randomly, and each group was asked to come up with 3-4 key issues that we felt were the most important.  Those issues were then presented to the whole group in a role playing scenario.  It was interesting to see that the states represented all had basically the same concerns.  The top eight key issues faced by all of the states represented were:  (1) Consumer Education; (2) Minority and Immigrant participation in Ag Industry should be supported; (3) Ag policy should be based on sound research; (4) Transfer of ag assets from one generation to another; (5) Ag Education in ALL schools; and (6) Supporting policy that creates more opportunity in non-traditional agricultural jobs; (7) American leaders should UNDERSTAND Agriculture; and (8) The “Waters of the US” is a Policy that should be Pro-Agriculture.  That evening a reception was held close to Capitol Hill where all Congressional staffers and aides were invited to join us.

On day three we took a bus to Capitol Hill.  First stop was the Committee on Agriculture meeting room at Longworth House Office Building.  Our first speaker was Congresswoman Martha Roby, Republican from Alabama with a great discussion about the Appropriations Committee and some of the key things they are working on.  Bart Fischer, Chief Economist in the Ag Department then shared the process of developing and passing a farm bill.  The rest of the afternoon was spent speaking to staffers and aids about the key issues from Monday’s workshop.

This is a wonderful program and I want to thank our friends at NYFEA for “making” this happen for Virginia.  Ashley and I think it is a great opportunity that the state should continue participating in.  We will be discussing some ideas at our next executive committee meeting on who would benefit from attending and how to make this happen.

Shelia Lilly

Past President



Constitution Bylaws

Posted By on February 26, 2015

Hello All,

I just created a new page/tab for the Constitution/Bylaws.  These were adopted on January 31, 2015 at the first convention business session.  You will need to click on the link twice in order for it to open.


2015 Award Winners

Posted By on February 26, 2015

2015 Young Farmers of Virginia Awards

The following awards were presented at the 2015 convention:

Corn Growing Award: Sponsored by Southern States Cooperative

  1. Tim Clemmer, Riverheads
  2. Richard Clemmer, Riverheads

Soybean Production Award:  Sponsored by Syngenta
Winner RECEIVED Prefix chemical and plaque

  1. Jeff Buchanan, Riverheads
  2. Tim Clemmer, Riverheads

Corn Silage Growing Award: Sponsored by Pioneer-John See
Winner received plaque and 2 units of seed corn, runner up received 1 unit of seed

  1. Jeff Buchanan, Riverheads
  2. Bob Christian, Riverheads

Virginia Outstanding Young Farmer Association: Sponsored by Virginia Farm Credit Assn
Winner RECEIVED $ 100 CHECK and runner up received $50

  1. Spotswood
  2. Riverheads

Outstanding Young Agribusiness Person: Sponsored by VA Council of Farmer Cooperatives
RECEIVED $ 200 and plaque

  1. Shelia Lilly, Spotswood

Diversification in Agriculture Award: Sponsored by VDACS
RECEIVED $ 500 CASH AWARD and plaque

  1. David Liskey, Spotswood

Outstanding Young Farmer Award: Sponsored by VA Farm Credit Association
RECEIVED $500 CASH AWARD and plaque

  1. Jason Patterson, Turner Ashby

Agriculture Stewardship Award: Sponsored by VDACS
RECEIVED $500 CASH AWARD and plaque, farm sign

  1. Donnie and Connie Liskey, Spotswood

Farm Business Management Contest: (Test prepared by David Walker)

  1. Mark Deavers, Broadway Timberville $25.00 and plaque
  2. Jon McDonald, Rockbridge $20.00
  3. Herb Hoffeditz, Broadway/Timberville $15.00
  4. David Liskey, Spotswood $10.00
  5. Greta Houff, Spotswood $5.00

Ag Stewardship Contest: (Test prepared by Carrie Gray)
RECEIVED CASH PRIZES courtesy of VA Poultry Growers Cooperative

  1. Herb Hoffeditz, Broadway/Timberville $25.00 and plaque
  2. Mark Deavers, Broadway Timberville $20.00
  3. Ron Byrd, $15.00
  4. Kaitlyn Sonifrank, Broadway/Timberville $10.00
  5. Greta Houff, Spotswood $5.00


Dr. David Kohl, VA Tech

Attendance Award:

Percentage of Members Attending:  Patrick Henry Association – Central
Most Members in Attendance: Spotswood Association

Farm and Home Safety Award:  Sponsored by YFV (1st $100.00 and 2nd $50.00)

  1. Spotswood Association
  2. Turner Ashby

Outstanding Advisor Award:    Sponsored by Southern States Cooperative
Received plaque and $200

  1. Rebecca Holloway, Spotswood


Membership Development: Sponsored by Rockingham Petroleum Coop.
RECEIVED $100 CASH AWARD, runner up $50

  1. Riverheads
  2. Spotswood

Convention Donation Form

Posted By on January 14, 2015

If you are out and about collecting donations for auction items or door prizes for our State Convention we do have a donation form that you can print, fill out and give to those making a donation.  I have attached it below.

Donation Form15


Posted By on January 13, 2015

At our 2014 Convention during the business session a committee was appointed to reviews and make any recommended changes to our organizations bylaws. The changes will need to be reviewed and voted on by the delegation at this years convention. Copies have been emailed to all advisors to discuss directly with their membership. The proposed changes can be found in red on the document below.  Copies will be available at the registration desk upon arriving for this years convention in Roanoke.

In reviewing the bylaws we also discovered that the voting at our business meetings has not been done correctly.  Each association is allowed two delegates to represent the whole association.  At convention anyone is welcome to attend the business meeting and participate in discussion but assigned delegates will be the only ones able to vote.  This information was also provided/emailed to all advisors.  We will need, at registration, the names of the delegates for each association.  We will have a “reserved” section in the meeting where all delegates will be seated.

Remember when opening documents you will have to click on the link and when the second page opens, you will have to click on the link a second time.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the officers.

Young Farmer Constitution – corrected and revised – final draft – adobe

Convention Registration Correction

Posted By on January 13, 2015

In our meeting on Saturday, we noticed that we had two mistakes on the 2015 registration form.  It reads that it is the 63rd annual convention in Williamsburg.  It should read the 65th annual convention in Roanoke.  You may not have noticed the mistake but we thought we better correct it.  New form is attached.

Also, if you are trying to open any of the forms or the newsletter on the website you have to click on the link and when the second page opens click on the link a second time.  It should open in either a word or pdf document with the second click.

YFVConventionReg-Form-2015 (1)

Convention Registration

Posted By on January 9, 2015

Good Morning

Just a reminder to those coming to convention, registration forms must be postmarked by Friday, January 16.  Be sure to get those sent in as soon as possible.  We need a good estimate of attendees for the Friday and Saturday night banquets, Saturday lunch, and Sunday breakfast.  We are meeting tomorrow (Jan 10) for the final stages of planning and to judge contests.

Looking forward to seeing everyone who is attending.


Tractor Lease

Posted By on January 8, 2015

I am excited to announce we will have a tractor lease for the live auction at Convention this year. A great big Thank You to Kevin Wittig and Adam Wampler at Tractor Care for putting this together for us. Details on the tractor below.  I’ve also attached a link at the bottom if you would like to look at photos, etc.

Tractor Features:
*65 HP Turbocharged 4 Cylinder Engine
*53.4 PTO HP
*Deluxe cab with heat, AC, and Deluxe SONY CD radio
*16×16 Power Shuttle Transmission
*Two sets of rear hydraulic remotes
*Independent 540 Rear PTO
*Five year power-train warranty

Loader Features:
*Self-Leveling with a 72″ skid steer quick attach bucket
*116″ maximum lift height
*3,060 lb lift capacity at the pivot pins

Current Retail Value: $38,650
Lease details: Six months or 200 hours whichever occurs first. Six month time frame begins at bidder’s choosing, but delivery must be taken no sooner than February 8, 2015 and no later than June 1, 2015. At the end of the lease the high bidder will have right of first refusal to purchase the tractor at a discounted price to be determined.


Posted By on December 29, 2014

Hello all,

Just a reminder to get your contest/award applications in to us ASAP.  We have only received a few.  Awards will only be given if we have at least two applicants for each category.  The deadline is December 31 but we can extend that a little if need be.  If you haven’t filled them out yet the applications are all on the website and they can be emailed to Ron Byrd at or to me at

Shelia Lilly


December 2014 President’s Message

Posted By on December 29, 2014

Greetings everyone! I hope everyone has had a successful harvest season thus far.
As I sit here writing this I find it hard to believe that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just
right around the corner. Where has the year gone? I want to thank everyone who
attended the Summer Tours in July. We had around 70 members and/or guests in
attendance and a great day of learning and fellowship. The National Young Farmer
Institute is in Louisville, KY on December 10-13. Vice President, Jane McDonald and
myself will be attending as delegates. Ashley Craun, Secretary, will also be in attendance
representing Virginia in the Ag Communication Contest. There will be three full days of
tours and educational meetings. This will be the seventh National Institute I’ve been able
to attend. They are an excellent opportunity to see other parts of the country, meet new
people, and learn about agriculture.

The Executive Committee hopes you can join us for the 2015 State Convention at the Holiday Inn
Tanglewood in Roanoke, Virginia. The dates are January 30-February 1. We will be extremely busy over the next
three months planning and putting on the finishing touches. Our tour stops will include Homestead Creamery, the
dairy farm of one of the Creamery owners along with their Seven Oaks Landscape & Hardscape business. I am also
excited to announce Dr. David Kohl as our guest speaker for the Saturday evening banquet. Don’t forget to get your
applications in for the Farm Business Management, Ag Stewardship, Outstanding Young Farmer, Diversification,
Outstanding Young Agribusiness Person awards along with the grower contests applications. All applications can
be found on the Young Farmer website, We also need people to fun for State Office. I look
forward to seeing all of you at convention.

Thank you for the privilege of being a member of the Executive Committee for the past two years and being
your President this year. Young Farmers is a great organization. I’ve learned so much about agriculture from
everyone and met amazing people from all over the state. I look forward to being a member for many years to come.
I wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas. See you at State Convention!

President, Shelia Lilly